Getting to know us

Intelligent Building Systems International Pty Ltd (IBSI) is globally recognised for its smart construction solutions and the manufacture of technologically advanced building systems and products.

These innovative building solutions are ideal for residential and commercial developments, agriculture growing pods, affordable social housing, student accommodation, inner-city revitalisation, homes for the elderly and people with special needs, government/military projects and disaster relief and recovery accommodation.

For several years, IBSI has built trust with developers through its cutting edge designs, and quality products delivered time and again.

Our Vision

IBSI aims to create long-lasting, far-reaching value for all of its clients and customers through innovation in design and development of its robust yet affordable building solutions. These building solutions are thus tailored to be environmentally sustainable and available to even the most remote communities.

IBSI’s unique solutions involve the creation of built-to-order smart home and building systems for immediate installation, which employs the ‘connect and use’ methodology.

Our Mission

Our mission at IBSI is to provide quality, affordable housing and building solutions globally that makes the lives of much better.

The IBSI Advantage

Leaders In Creative New Building Systems And Products

IBSI is a leading firm in the smart construction sector hallowed for its creativity in both the design and development of its building systems and products. This creativity is central to our identity and places our building solutions at a high pedestal, as it guarantees flexibility in meeting client needs without sacrificing the necessary attention to aesthetics.

Strong Commitment To Excellence In Innovation And Design

IBSI is very committed to excellence in the innovation and design of her building solutions. Thus our team comprises of competent designers in an enabling work environment, with structured supervision to monitor the production process.

Continual Research In International Advances Of Composite Materials And Manufacturing Technologies

Research and development (R&D) is IBSI’s forte, ensuring that our materials and manufacturing technologies are up-to-date and at par with international standards. As a result, the quality of our products and building systems is always top-notch.

Ability To Offer Turn-Key Or Integrated Solutions

Our building systems and products are ready for immediate use or installation, saving both time and costs for our clients.

In-House Design With Business-To-Business Customisation

A vibrant team makes our designs of skilled experts who work hard to customise each plan to meet each client’s specific needs.

Global Reach With Transportable Construction Systems

With IBSI, distance has never been a barrier. Our ambition to offer building solutions and make people’s lives better globally translates to producing construction systems which are easy to transport and unspoiled by long-distance transportation. As such, our clients can order from any part of the world and expect the same quality at delivery.

Comprehensive Four-Pronged Risk Management Program

IBSI has a four-pronged risk management program that stems from our people to our products through to our client’s projects.

Environmental Sustainability

At the heart of IBSI is our commitment to promoting environmentally sustainable building solutions; stemming from our vision to create long-lasting value for our customers and clients. Thus our building solutions are eco-friendly, leading to reduced carbon emissions and waste production.