Bathroom Pods

Redesigning Your Bathrooms With Bathroom Pods

IBSI bathroom pods are prefabricated, custom-made bathrooms produced within a controlled factory environment. Our pods can be built to any size that can be efficiently transported and installed on-site.

Why Bathroom Pods?

Bathroom pods are a modern, sustainable and economical alternative to traditional bathroom construction. This is why they are increasingly in demand not only by hotel developers (as it used to be); but even in the construction of residential buildings. Here are some of the reasons why bathroom pods are in high demand these days:

Eliminates Potential For Defects

With Bathroom pods, there are more opportunities to inspect and test your bathrooms before installation. This, in addition to a controlled factory environment in production, virtually serves to eliminate potential for defects.

Open Plan Single Level Workspace

Bathroom pods are produced on an open plan single level workspace. This allows for improved supervision and monitoring of the construction process, thus ensuring quality control. Also, it creates better Workplace Health and Safety conditions for the construction workers on your building project.

Environmentally Friendly

 Making use of bathroom pods over traditional bathrooms is a better option for the environment. First, it leads to reduced waste and recycling opportunities. Factory waste material is typically less than 1.5% compared with over 7% for traditional construction. Also, the recycling of waste is more likely in a factory setting. Thus, the Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP) has reported that waste could be reduced by 90% if off-site construction grew.


Bathroom pods are perfect for building projects which require the replication of bathrooms. Greater dimensional accuracy can be achieved, thus ensuring uniformity, and, minimising site installation tolerance issues.

Reduced Time

Pods are completed quicker than traditional bathrooms, due to the controlled factory setting for its production.

Weather Proof

A controlled factory environment in the production of bathroom pods reduces potential adverse impacts of extreme weather, temperature and humidity on construction time or quality.

Choosing IBSI Bathroom Pods

Satisfying our clients with innovative housing solutions is at the heart of the IBSI Bathroom Pods.

With IBSI Bathroom Pods, distance is not a barrier. Our pods are designed to be used on building projects where extensive travel distances are required between factory and final destination, as they are typically built to fit within shipping containers to avoid damage and reduce freight costs.

Also, we provide a myriad of options for the on-site construction of kitchens, laundry rooms, and other wet areas for all major development projects.

Here is how we keep our clients satisfied:

You provide us with a brief telling us about your wishes for the bathroom pods.

Then, our very competent in-house architects and designers work to create the optimal Pod solution based on this brief; ensuring that the quality and design of pods meet your wishes.

You get to choose the exact fittings and niches and have a turnkey pod delivered on-site for simple connectivity.

And then, we have yet another happy client.

Contact us for your bathroom pods today.