Get Our Panels For Your Ideal Housing

Are you seeking for the ideal housing option for remote communities? Or are you working on a project to revitalise an inner-city with quality but affordable housing? Perhaps, you might have been contracted to provide homes for the elderly and or residential facilities for small families.

Our affordable compact design, ease of installation and speed of construction makes our Panel Building System the right fit for your building project!

What is our Panel Building System?

Our Panel Building System is an economical, all-inclusive construction kit. This kit comprises of a compact design: customised building panels and seamless interlocking joint profiles.

Customized Building Panels

Customized Building Panels are custom-made panels used in constructing “prefabricated” buildings. Panels can form part of or the whole of a building.

Interlocking Joint Profiles

The interlocking profile is also a prefabricated tool that in itself serves to connect these custom made panels.

With our Panel Building System, all you need for the construction of a housing project is contained in our cost-saving package.

Why the IBSI Panel Building System?

Get Flexible

Our IBSI Panel Building System utilises cutting edge technology which allows the custom manufacture of Panels to a range of thicknesses, lengths and widths. This, together with interlocking Joint Profiles, ensures flexibility that perfectly fits your construction needs. Besides, our panels are designed and produced in a controlled factory setting, ensuring that the end product flawlessly meets specified measures and tastes.

Reduce On-site Labour Costs

Our Panel Building System results in a reduction of on-site labour costs, as less man-power and man-hours are required to build. This leads to overall cuts in the cost of your building project, making our Building System a cost-effective solution for you.

Increased Speed

Building projects done with prefabricated building materials are finished at a greater speed than traditional construction; from just five days to three months, depending on the project! The time for the erection of the building is also well estimated beforehand, all resulting in greater time-efficiency. If your housing project needs to be delivered as soon as possible, do not hesitate to check out our Panel Building System.

Sustainable Solution

Our Panel Building System also ensures that your building project is less harmful to the environment than traditional building construction. Fewer carbon emissions occur with prefabricated housing both in its production, erection and subsequent use. This is per zero-carbon policies being adopted by several governments and international organisations. Also, it results in the production of less waste; and increases opportunities for recycling.

Ease of Construction

Our Panel kits are delivered to the building site as a flatpack with an easy step-by-step construction manual. These kits can then be assembled on a concrete slab or an elevated steel framed floor platform up to three levels in height without the need for additional structural support.

There are several other amazing advantages that building with the IBSI Panel Building System can offer to your housing project. Why don’t you build with us today?