International Building Systems International

You are welcome to International Building System. We are your best shot at all your designing and in-house construction work.

We have a robust experience in the field of architecture, construction, project management and in-house designing.

We also have a wide range of services and products through which we satisfy our customers and clients.

Our Services

We provide services in the following areas.

In-house Design

Getting an in-house design for your home requires a lot of things. But one of the top things you can’t budge on is getting the right service provider to give your home, offices or buildings the in-house design it deserves. The need for the appropriate service provider is so you can get a premium satisfaction on your in-house designs.

Here at IBSI, we are everything you need to have the best of in-house design you can ever imagine. Our prolonged existence in the industry over the years has given us an edge in gathering robust experience about the best in-house design.

Project Management

For project management to be adjudged successful, it must deliver quality, notwithstanding the challenges or constraints encountered. This is the metric of success when it comes to project management. The knowledge of this is what pushes us to deliver a quality project management engagement for our customers and clients and help them manage it properly.

For us at IBSI, there are usually five stages when it comes to project management. We subscribe to these stages so we can satisfy you better.


IBSI logistics arrangements are made for simple transportation and establishment anywhere on the planet. We apply methodology to our logistic process to guarantee a smooth-out conveyance. Any place conceivable around the world, we use experienced nearby subcontractors to help with the site establishment works.


Time, location, and distance are no barriers to IBSI build solutions. This part of our service process is methodically catered for to ensure safe, streamlined transportation delivery and installation. Anywhere across the globe, our solution products can be transported easily to and also installed.

For ease of business, we are always ready to work with subcontractors in the locality of the delivery and installation. This is quite beneficial to the business as well as the locality.

Our Products

We also have a variety of products that would give your structure the desired facelift.

Bathroom Pods

IBSI bathroom pods are prefabricated, custom-made bathrooms produced within a controlled factory environment. Our pods can be built to any size that can be efficiently transported and installed on-site.

Factory Builts

The fact about factory-built homes is that they have been tested and given necessary credibility dealing with their stability and low cost of labour. Therefore, we make sure your building project is well planned and executed.


At IBSI, we also offer design and architecture services with Kits. Kits are modular constructions that serve as sought-after and innovative build solutions.

Our experience with kits is superb and extraordinary. Over the years, we have assisted clients and customers in delivering the kind of kits they have always desired for their in-house design.

Our expertise at managing your resources and saving you the cost of building a kit hose is also excellent.