Giving You The Best Kits You can Find

At IBSI, we also offer design and architecture services with Kits. Kits are modular constructions that serve as sought-after and innovative build solutions.

Our experience with kits is superb and extraordinary. Over the years, we have assisted clients and customers in delivering the kind of kits they have always desired for their in-house design.

Our expertise at managing your resources and saving you the cost of building a kit hose is also excellent.

What Does Our Kit House Look Like?

The Kit House and design that we at IBSI help you build is an extraordinary structure with permanent fittings. Unlike other modular houses, our kit houses have their lumbers shipped, cut and numbered. This is to allow it to fit in specific places in your house.

With this, you would be able to eliminate cutting and measuring. Also, a considerable number of time that would have been used to do this can be saved. This is not all; we are also able to cut down on the materials that we use thereby by saving you a lot of money.

In recent time, our portfolios prove that by engaging us to build your kit house, you can save up between thirty and fifty per cent on the cost of your kit house projects.

Our Design Of Kit Houses

We have standard designs that are done to maximise the efficiency of the work and reduce the waste of the materials we devout to building kit houses. The lumbers we use have been pre-cut to the appropriate length. This guarantees that the lumber will fit in the appropriate places and would be easy to nail in deserving circumstances.

Crossbreed Modular structures gain by the advantages of secluded development yet additionally offer the adaptability of development.

Measured innovation has moved widely as of late with IBSI being at the cutting edge of this imaginative and pursued form arrangement. The cost of saving money on tasks can run between thirty and fifty as the production of the fabricated structure can happen simultaneously with the site works.

Customisation and personalisation are consolidated to the fabricate strategy considering special veneers and adaptability in the plan. IBSI’s in-house Architects spend significant time in creating bespoke and custom-made measured arrangements. Our operational mastery and front line fabricating advancements permit us to effectively change over these plans into the greatest completed item.

Room modules can be masterminded in a large number of various approaches to give a wide scope of structures fit to various applications and sizes.

The assemble framework is fit to both impermanent and lasting establishments for private, business and modern tasks.

All these make our kits one of the best you can get. Our product and service offerings are reliable and you can trust us to get the best.